seerargent (seerargent) wrote in spn_halloween,

Orange Roughy – 1/2 (R, Gen)

Title: Orange Roughy
Rating: R, Gen (but if you believe in subtext clap your hands)
Characters: Sam/Jess, Dean
Disclaimer: The characters are sadly not mine. I’m just sticking pins into Winchester dolls for the purposes of general amusement. Sorry about the holes!
Word Count: 4,136 (this part)
A/N: Crack! fic for prompt no. 27: Some of Stanford’s finest find out why Sam Winchester really *hates* Halloween.
Thanks to one_2_3_4 for continuing the challenge, and letting me slide this in after the deadline.
Setting: Stanford, CA (& elsewhere.) October 2006-2005- (Flashbacks? What flashbacks?)

Summary: Wherein Sam Winchester is emo, prone to listmaking, confused, and alone. Unfortunately, neither the leather outfit nor the prison cell he’s presently stuck in is helping him solve the real problem. Oh yeah, and did he forget to mention that it’s October 31st? Sam really, hates Halloween.

Orange Roughy – Part 1
Part 2 - coming shortly
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