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2009 Master List

We had a small turn out this year for the challenge, but I really hope next year we will have more! Don't forget to pass on the word, tell everyone you know - sign up for the Halloween challenge!

Nothing Can Scare Me by katharwen Gen. Prompt 48. Sam and Dean kill time Halloween night by trying to out-do each other with Halloween 'horror' stories.

Don't Come Knockin' by halfshellvenus Gen, humor. Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes Halloween fun.

Days Are Where We Live by innie_darling Gen, pre-series. John has a mirror named Sammy.

Ignus Fatuus by kimonkey7 Gen. There’s a man beneath the costume Bobby Singer wears.

Dirty Jobs, the Winchester Edition by fostian Gen, casefic, crossover. Mike Rowe and his crew drop by the picturesque New England town of Derry to film an episode of Dirty Jobs only to find they've become human sacrifices. Then, they're rescued by two psychos armed and ready to rock-n-roll with monsters thought to be the creations of drunken men who had nothing better to do than tell tall tales. And people think reality show industry is scripted.

The Fine Art of Poisoning by katowisp Gen, angst. Candy used to be one of Dean's favorite foods. (He considered it a staple to any healthy man's diet.)

Orange Roughy by seerargent Gen. Wherein Sam Winchester is emo, prone to listmaking, confused, and alone. Unfortunately, neither the leather outfit nor the prison cell he’s presently stuck in is helping him solve the real problem. Oh yeah, and did he forget to mention that it’s October 31st? Sam really hates Halloween.
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