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Claim your prompts here!

A very exciting day, one and all - here be the prompts for this year! Remember that it is not necessary to claim a prompt from this list in order to participate, just be sure that your submission is Supernatural and Halloween oriented! If you have questions, please feel free to dm me, I will get back to you asap!

1. Dean and Sam investigate a haunted/possessed motorized wheelchair. Would like to see how Dean and Sam interact with a person with disability who is physically impaired but mentally astute.

2. Before Dean Winchester became his job, Castiel had been a guardian angel to a sick, terminally ill child.

3. The Trickster takes over an "all request and dedication" radio station but the songs become dangerously real. (ie "Burning Love" leads to third degree burns, "Pour Some Sugar on Me" causes a man to be crushed under a mountain of sugar) (BTW, if it's Gen or Het I will love you FOREVER) Claimed by caitn

4. Sam and Dean have to dress up for Halloween--maybe part of sneaking into a party to check something out? But things go awry and they become the things they've disguised themselves as.

5. Dead Man's Party. It's Halloween and everybody's back--good and bad. Bonus points prompts 4 and 5 are melded!

6. The next generation of Winchesters: How do the boys handle Halloween as fathers, are the kids locked in Bobby's panic room, out salting and burning, or trick or treating with Cas as guardian?

7. Ellen and Jo at Halloween, cause we really can't get enough of them.

8. Ben, the Halloween after Dean and Sam saved him - is he scared of everything now? does he dress like Dean to conquer his fears?

9. High school Dean has the AWESOMEST costume - he'll be getting laid for weeks after they see him.

10. Sam is worried that he'll suck at all the Halloween games - he makes Dean practice bobbing for apples with him.

11. Dean makes Sam (and himself?) a costume out of stuff he got from a vending machine.

12. One of the boys explains his theory on the order in which he eats his Halloween candy.

13. The one year Jo persuaded Ellen (and Bill?) to have a Halloween thing at Harvelle's, and everything goes wrong.

14. Bela gets a commission to steal something that can only be retrieved on Halloween.

15. Readers of the Supernatural books by Carver Edlund like to gather together to act out their favorite bits on Halloween. In graveyards all across America.

16. Sam and Dean investigating something in Salem, Massachusetts during the Halloween season - perhaps hampered by the crowd of tourists and/or commercialism.

17. Something exploring Castiel's POV about Halloween and how/why people celebrate it.

18. A 'Sleepy Hollow' AU/fusion/re-imagining.

19. Young!Sam and a pumpkin patch - perhaps after watching the 'Charlie Brown' special on TV.

20. The Winchesters run into some familiar looking spirits roaming the Earth on Halloween night (family, friends, enemies, people they couldn't save, etc.)

21. The boys investigate some evil-doing at a Halloween/Octoberfest carnival. Fotune tellers a plus.

22. The boys are subjected to a series of 'tricks' (perhaps escalating in danger) when they fail to give out 'treats'.

23. Wee!chesters trick-or-treating around motels throughout the years. At least until Sam learned monsters were real.

24. A Halloween investigation goes awry and Dean finds himself trapped in a coffin/buried alive again. His reaction, flashbacks, Sam, Bobby, Cas frantically searching for him.

25. One or both of the boys interacting with someone on a case without realizing he/she is a ghost/spirit.

26. Halloween decorations coming to life.

27. Trapped/lost in Disney's Haunted Mansion.

28. Dean's handprint scar does something (glows, itches, burns, etc.) on Halloween or in the days leading up to Halloween.

29. Another thing Anna loved about being human? Halloween.

30. Chuck's books always sell well around Halloween.

31. Song-inspired title prompt: "We Love Monster Men" (from "Monster Men" by Iggy Pop. Preferably Wincest. Dean gets turned into some sorta creature and/or gets crazy powers. Sam still loves him/is inspired to finally jump his bones.

32. Instead of raising Sam-Hain, Lilith casts a spell that turns people into their costumes. It affects the boys, though unlike everyone else they keep their memories and save the town. (Honestly, I'm surprised SPN doesn't have more of these! It's a popular plot for Buffy fic). XP Bonus points if they don't change back and keep any powers they acquired from the spell, and that ends up throwing a major wrench into angelic plans.

33. Halloween in the Campbell house.

34. Halloween in Hell.

35. There's a Halloween dance at the high school, and something nasty attacks when Dean, Sam, or Dean and Sam are there.

36. The lengths Dean will go to to protect his baby on Mischief Night.

37. Wee Sammy first discovers the power of his puppydog eyes when wheedling candy (from Dean? from John? from people passing out treats?) on Halloween.

38. Castiel tries to find the Winchesters on Halloween, but people think he's dressed as Constantine.

39. There's a costume parade at school, and John wants one of the boys to win, because the prize is cursed.

40. Jo gets "the talk" from Ellen and/or Bill - the "monsters are real but not on Halloween" talk.

41. Costumes can make you brave - someone else works up the nerve to say something (Corbett/Ed, John/Mary, Sam/Jess, etc. - no Wincest, please)

42. anything inspired by one of the Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" specials

43. The people from the town in 5x02 ("Good God, Y'all") on their next Halloween.

44. Pre-Series Stanford: Sam has to explain to Jess (or other friends) why he doesn't like Halloween.

45. Series: Dean and Sam intervene during a Halloween prank gone very, VERY, wrong. (Outsider POV could be interesting on this, but not necessary.) Claimed by evil_kat

46. Series: Sam and Dean have a run-in with the Frankenstein Monster (the classic Universal monster). Please to be funny, something along the lines of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein.

47. Series: Sam and Dean have to take down a Springheel Jack.

48. Wee!Dean's first Halloween after the fire

49. The Winchesters or Sam/Dean show up for a Dumb Supper (bonus points if one of them eats something he really shouldn't have while they wait.) (http://www.widdershins.org/vol7iss5/02.htm)

50. Ghostfacers do Halloween!

51. Wait, that's not a Jersey Devil costume!

52. John and the boys carve jack-o'-lanterns.

53. John and Mary at a Halloween party.

54. Did you ever notice that the principal's eyes look black some of the time?

55. Dean's first and last high school Halloween party.

56. Most parents get a little paranoid on Halloween, but John Winchester is more paranoid than most.

57. Dean and Sam battle the Gremlins, who've brought havoc to a Metallica concert.

58. Nursery rhymes and childhood fairytales are turned into grisly murders, with tales of cloying decay, incest etc., (for example, Bluebeard and his dead wives).

59. Something Wicked This Way Comes: an evil carnival arrives in town the week before Halloween and only young Sam and Dean seem to notice that people start mysteriously disappearing.

60. A Dean-centric AU based on American McGee's Alice in Wonderland.

61. S4 casefic. Sam and Dean are drawn to a convent where nuns-in-training are disappearing. Dean thinks the lake on the convent's property holds the answers, but Sam suspects something else, and the brothers clash on how to solve the mystery.

62. During a hunt in the Midwest, Dean meets a small town shopkeeper who promises Dean the one thing he wants the most in return for his soul (obviously a rip-off of Needful Things, which was kind of a rip-off of Something Wicked This Way Comes). Humorfic would be neat.

63. SPN/Are You Afraid of the Dark? crossover. While with his father on a long-term hunt, young Sam meets members of the Midnight Society, who invite him to "audition" for the group. Sam ends up telling a story that does not get him admitted into the Midnight Society for whatever reason. Main focus should be Sam's story, in the style of an AYAotD episode. Dean may or may not be involved.

64. Sam and Dean stumble over a LARP (Live-Action Role Playing) camp in the woods on Halloween and discover there is more to it than meets the eye. (Bonus points for Dean cracking on Sam's relative geekiness.)

65. Goosebumps-inspired fic i.e: one of the boys gets sucked into the book when they're reading one, or Dean thinks one of the stories is based in fact and goes on his own hunt.

66. Season 2 - Dean hates Halloween so much that he finds a town where they don't celebrate and hunkers down for the whole week...then he notices that the locals are a little strange.

67. Halloween...Bobby Singer style. (Possible Wee!chesters, but not necessary)

68. Mary watches Sammy's kindergarten Halloween parade.

69. Even before discovering the supernatural, John really hated trick or treating- here’s why...

70. Crossover SPN /cheesy horror movies a la Last Action Hero. The Winchesters discover characters are walking right out of every screen in town.

71. Tourists on a dusty back road break down and walk to a bar in the middle of nowhere. Something is a little bit strange. It's not just that all the patrons are armed, dangerous, and partying like there's no tomorrow. The phones aren't working, and in spite of all the beat up trucks outside and a very generous offer for help, nobody seems willing to leave the bar to tow their car to a garage. But the guy with the mullet tells them a real good mechanic is supposed to show up before the party's over and lets them stay in one of the back rooms. In the morning they wake up in a pile of burned timbers....

72. Even dead, Andy still has the whammy; He persuades the ferryman to leave him on this side after Halloween is over.

73. The Winchesters may be too old for trick or treating, but trick or liquor! is a college tradition Dean entirely approves of.

74. Winchesters stop at the Elysian Fields Bed and Breakfast on Halloween (Tanya Huff Keeper crossover).

75. Ever wondered what would happen if the Winchesters ate the band candy in Sunnydale?

76. Sam and Dean investigate the Queen Mary.

77. WeeChesters - Sam and Dean go trick or treating, after making their own costumes, and making John dress up too.

78. Wee!Winchesters. Sam's class goes out trick or treating together. But one of his classmates is not what they seem.

79. Sam/Jess - After the Halloween party (from the pilot episode), Jess shows Sam why she chose the 'naughty nurse's outfit'.

80. A wee!chesters fic featuring luminaries (my favorite part of Halloween).

81. Some kind of supernatural evil or curse raises an entire graveyard of the angry dead... of course it's the graveyard where Dean and Sam are currently doing a salt and burn!

82. Sarah Blake (from Provenance) has a frightening Halloween encounter sometime after meeting Sam and Dean.

83. Bobby investigates a haunted house.

84. Fifty years later (give or take a decade), Dean and Sam have their own unique Halloween traditions.

85. The weird gets weirder when Agent Henricksen puts in some Halloween overtime in his hunt for the Winchesters.

86. For one night, one of the recently-dead (eg Ash, Ava, Madison) gets to come back to life. What do they do? Where do they go?

87. Kids turn up trick or treating at Bobby’s place.

88. Everyone turns into their costumes and Sam and Dean have to stop it before innocent people start killing.

89. Pre-series, or present. Sam and Dean discover magic is real on Halloween night when they accidentally release an evil witch from her prison. Have to stop her from taking the life essence of a virgin before dawn.

90. This is basically inspired by BtVS's Vampire!Willow: Halloween would be a perfect time for Sam and Dean to run into their evil alter egos - and learn something about themselves in the process.

91. An Cailleach Bheur - "In the North of Scotland, Halloween was when the blue-faced hag of winter, the Cailleach Bheur was reborn with the coming of the winter snows. She was then the guardian of winter until the return of Summer on Beltane. She exists in many folk tales and may be a denuded form of a widely worshipped goddess. It was also customary to dedicate the last sheaf of corn from the harvest to her. This was moulded into a feminine shape and named the Carlin or the Cailleach.". Does she save Dean? Genderswap? Case?

92. Supernatural/Blade Trinity - Dean and Sam team up with Abigail and Hannibal to handle some vampires.

93. Seventy years ago, a man was hung on Halloween but everybody thought it was a joke. Now his spirit does the same to other people.

94. Wee!chesters - John finally permits Sammy to go trick-or-treating after several years of begging, but when the boys wake up on the morning of the 31st, they discover the first blizzard of the year howling outside. Halloween is cancelled, and Sammy is crushed. How does Dean make it up to him? (No wee!cest please.)

95. Somebody (or something) really is putting ground glass and razor blades in the candy.

96. What if wee!Bobby and wee!John were childhood friends? And went trick or treating (or doing mischief as teens) together? Claimed by loki_scribe

97. Sam and Dean in Walmart, playing in the Halloween aisles!

98. Any storyline you want, any age, as long as it involves the boys and face paint (though Wincest is encouraged).
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