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The Supernatural Halloween Challenge

zombies and pumpkins and candy corn

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What do you think happens on Halloween to the Winchesters? Does Sam's hair come alive and try to strangle him? Does Dean get stuck in a hall of mirrors? Does Bobby have to work his way through a maze built by sprites, only to find his dog behind the whole thing? Does the Impala start up and get as far away from the boys as she can just for the night?

This is your chance! The challenge kicks off on Friday, when we will start collecting prompts.

Challenge Dates for 2010

August 27 - September 9: Collection of prompts for Supernatural Halloween stories, art, and vids.

September 10: The list of prompts will be posted for claiming and remain open until the end of the challenge.

October 1 - November 3: Post your stories!

November 4 (or so): A master list of stories and media will be posted.

Challenge Guidelines

1. This challenge is for Supernatural Halloween stories only. If it doesn't have to do with Supernatural and Halloween, and it's not a piece of related media, it doesn't belong here. Crossovers and AUs are fine; real person fic (RPF/RPS) is only allowed if it is part of a Supernatural crossover. If you're not sure your story fits, just ask.

2. There will be a list of prompts to choose from, but once the challenge opens on October 1 all Supernatural Halloween stories are welcome, whether or not they are based on a prompt. Stories can be any genre, rating and style, featuring any characters and pairings (or lack thereof). All stories must be at least 500 words long.

3. Posting for the challenge opens on October 1 and closes on November 3 (for a given temporal location of "November 3" which is determined entirely by me, the moderator). Membership for the community is completely open and anybody can join, but posting will be moderated until October 1 to keep people from jumping the gun.

Previous master lists: